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About Us

CAMAGE – Careers Made in Germany – is a one-stop solution which offers end-to-end solutions to those looking forward to studying and developing a career in Germany.

 Our innovative self-paced tool, “Pro CAMAGE” aims to empower every student to easily access all the information they need to come and study in Germany according to their comfort. Additionally, we offer important contacts in India and in Germany to help each students get all their needed assistance. We also have a team of experts who help students to meet their requirements and interests individually.

Our Vision

We offer to every student easy access to high-quality, accurate, and genuine information to gain state-of-the-art higher education and get the best opportunities to develop a career in Germany.

Our Mission

At CAMAGE, we endeavor our best to offer every student with the right set of needed information, expert advice, contacts, and guidance to study and develop a career in Germany.

We believe Studying in Germany reshapes student personalities and helps to develop into a better, open-minded, democratic, and rational citizen.

  • Motivating students to “find their way to study and build a career in Germany” will significantly impact them and help them to organize better international relationships and make the world more peaceful.
  • Experiencing multiplicity and intercultural relationships in a strong economy like Germany, with the scope of learning a new language, can impact student personal and professional life to a great extent. 
  • Developing a career in a foreign country like Germany makes student more independent and self-confident.

These experiences will eventually help to develop into a strong and sustainable individual and helps to adopt the fast-changing, global working environment, regardless of where students are in future.


CAMAGE founders comprise a team of an Indian and a German native. In total, they have 30+ years of corporate experience including 25+ years in Germany. They themselves have experience of studying in India, Germany, and the UK.

Now, they intend to empower aspiring India candidates who want to study and build their career in Germany.

We envision turning your dreams into reality

German Universities


CAMAGE is an ideal, single-point platform for students looking ahead to pursue their higher studies and develop a professional career in Germany.

With our innovative self-paced ‘Pro CAMAGE’ tool and experts, students are provided end-to-end guidance. From profile assessment and university shortlisting to preparing the documents for your application and filing for the visa, education loan, and scholarship, we offer all the services. Our tool will ensure, you don’t miss any of your requirements and deadlines for your admissions.

We also have a team of professionals to help you in case of any queries or issues. We aim to help aspiring students study and develop a career in Germany.


To help students to decide whether they should invest their time and money and dreaming of studying in Germany, we initially offer two one-on-one counselling sessions of thirty minutes. You can speak to our experts who will help you decide if studying in Germany is good for you and explain how CAMAGE will help you throughout this process for free.

CAMAGE understands that every student has unique needs. Hence, we have different programs for students. We have separate packages for students who like to do everything on their own and other options for students who need our expert guidance. Moreover, we offer scholarships to in-need students. Check out our ‘Service For Students’ page to find which package will suit you the best.

Using our state-of-the-art self-pace ‘Pro CAMAGE’ tool, students can acquire all the information in one place. The tool ensures you don’t need any information from any other source. The data provided is sufficient and self-guiding to keep the students informed at every step, before, during, and after the application procedure. The tool contains sample forms, important contacts and also sends reminders to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines.

Our CAMAGE team is a group of skilled professionals with the best knowledge of the German and Indian education systems. These experts have either studied or worked in Germany and are well-trained to ensure they can guide you with all the information and help you need anytime, anywhere.

At CAMAGE, we pride ourselves to launch the first state-of-the-art self-paced ‘Pro CAMAGE’ tool to support students at every step of their way to admission, enhancing their chances of getting admission to one of the German universities, and we offer support beyond that.

We solely focus on guiding students with our unbiased advice. We make the student the center of our work and focus on their individual needs, preferences, and interests. We understand there’s no one-fits-all approach when it comes to education. 

CAMAGE is an independent organisation and is not affiliated or linked to any universities. Hence, all our advice is unbiased and purely in the student’s interest. 

We have partners in Germany and India who will render exclusive services to help you with the secure admission process and straightforward settle-down approach in Germany.

For any help or further discussions related to studying in Germany, contact us today via WhatsApp @ +49 176 44 493 493 or via below ‘Contact Us’ form.