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CAMAGE Scholarship

At CAMAGE, we aim that every student should be given access to high-quality education regardless of their financial background.

CAMAGE Scholarship

At CAMAGE, we understand that many Indian students may be unable to afford our low
priced services. But, if you believe you possess the abilities to study in Germany but cannot afford our fees, you
can apply for CAMAGE Scholarship through the form given below.

Apart from helping in-need students, CAMAGE aims to motivate students who are achievers
in the field of education or extracurriculars. Regardless of your financial background,
CAMAGE strives to offer the best to all students planning to come to Germany for their education by waiving our fees and guiding them through the scholarship methods to fund their living expenses in Germany.

Financial background should not be a decider who study and who doesn't study in Germany.

Important note: