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How will CAMAGE help you to achieve your dream?

CAMAGE is a one-stop platform to students who want to pursue higher studies and develop a professional career in Germany.

What CAMAGE will provide you?

CAMAGE will provide you everything what it takes to increase your chances of being successful in getting an admission in a German university and also guides you of how you can build a career in Germany.

What is Pro CAMAGE tool?

Our innovative online ‘Pro CAMAGE’ tool is a one-stop platform that provides all the information in one place to ensure you don’t have to search in different places and won’t miss any important information and steps

From profile assessment and university shortlisting to preparing the documents for your application including SOP, LOR and filing for the visa, education loan, and scholarship, it offers all the services. Pro CAMAGE tool will ensure you don't miss any of your requirements and deadlines for your admissions.

The Pro CAMAGE tool supports and guides students throughout the process by:

CAMAGE Experts

Our CAMAGE Experts are a team of young, inspiring professionals in India and Germany with expertise in both educational systems. These experts have either studied or worked in Germany and are well-trained to ensure they guide you with all their expertise, knowledge, and experience as and when you need them.

CAMAGE Partners

Our CAMAGE Partners comprise a chain of companies situated in Germany or India, offering additional services you need as a student/ citizen here, such as health insurance, visa, blocked bank account, student loan, etc.

Still have doubt how CAMAGE will help you, please read below

At CAMAGE, we pride ourselves to launch the first state-of-the-art self-paced online ‘Pro CAMAGE’ tool to support students at every step of their way to admission, enhancing their chances of getting admission to one of the German universities, and we offer support beyond that.

We solely focus on guiding students with our unbiased advice. We make the student the center of our work and focus on their individual needs, preferences, and interests. We understand there’s no one-fits-all approach when it comes to education.

CAMAGE is an independent organisation and is not affiliated or linked to universities. Hence, all our advice is unbiased and purely in the student’s interest.

We have partners in Germany and India who will render exclusive services to help you with the secure admission process and straightforward settle-down approach in Germany.

Additionally, we are based here in Germany and we help you deal with all new and unforeseen situations with our integrated network in Germany.

We collaborate with International Corporates to make your relocation hassle-free. We guide you with several career opportunities suitable for you in Germany, India, and anywhere else.

Regardless of where you want to settle down in the future, a German degree will definitely boost your career, and we are here to help you pick the best course and university and ease the future life.