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Services for Parents

At CAMAGE, we understand as a parent, you have several thoughts and concerns when sending your child to pursue studies and a career in Germany.

Challenges of studying in India

The Indian Education System has limited seats, rigorous competition, and a reservation system that prevents aspiring students from seeking admission into tier 1 colleges such as IIT, NIIT, and IIM. This makes the students end up taking admissions in tier 2 and tier 3 colleges which disastrously impacts their career goals as the top companies don’t hire from tier 2 and tier 3 colleges in India. Thus, your child wil l lose out even after being intelligent and hardworking.

Germany – Land of Opportunities

Germany offers remarkable opportunities to aspiring students.

The country has over 400 state-of-the-universities with a top-quality government-controlled education system. German government eliminates the ranking system across German universities.

Also, the companies in Germany don’t hire directly from the universities. It is the student that applies to the companies to seek employment. Thus, German companies offer equal employment opportunities to students regardless of the German university the applicant has graduated from. Reportedly, graduates from Germany are hired all over the world, thus, boosting their scope of employment.

The state universities are funded by German government. Hence the college fees of such universities are a minimal amount of 200-300 Euro (15000 to 25000 INR) for one semester or even zero. However, the student still needs to manage their daily expenses and bear their living cost. They can do this by a combination of your support, opting for a loan, scholarship, or working in a part-time job.

Benefits your child can derive by studying in Germany

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